Opening gates:

- 15:00 opening of the locker room,

- 15:00 main entrance A with STANDARD tickets,

- 16:00 Premium entry with VIP tickets, SKY BOX,

Attention - Hot and cold snacks in VIP area will be available at 9PM

- 15:00 technical entrance - media, press.


Its is prohibited


To bring and carry on a professional or semi-professional camera, this also includes GoPro cameras and  selfiesticks. Electronic devices  such as powerbank and gimbal are allowed

You can leave your camera safe at the Deposit , by Security taken cameras will be also stored there


You can take your backpack with you in maximum dimensions 30x40 cm.


You can’t bring beverages.


Exit from the event is equivalent to the expiry of the ticket.


People who have won a ticket in competitions will have to report it to the ticket offices and present their individual code received from the media. An identity document is also required. After positive verification, the person will get a wristband with a code to be scanned at the main entrance A.


At the main entrance A on the premises of the mass event will be an Information Point, where you get informations in both Polish and English.

At the same point located will be a store with official Dreamstate gadgets.


During Dreamstate Europe 2019 will be a booth with gadgets. In our store you will find the following products:

🔸 t-shirts - 90 PLN,

🔸 silicone wristbands - 15 PLN,

🔸 fluorescent wristbands - 20 PLN,

🔸 flags - 30 PLN,

🔸 hats - 60 PLN,

🔸 sweatshirts - 150 PLN,

🔸 keychains - 15 PLN


The additional store will also be open in the entrance E before the event on Thursday and Friday from 14:00 to 19:00 and on Saturday from 12:00 to 15:00.




Cloakrooms are on every level, excluding the plate. Cloakrooms are payable and operated by the Gliwice hall operator. For each item left in the cloakroom, a fee of 5 PLN is charged. The fees are collected by the operator of the Arena Gliwice.



In the mass event there are free toilets





- contest tickets / guest list: persons on the competition list or guest list will have to report to the ticket office and enter only their special code, then with the received band they must go to the main entrance A,

- media / press: technical entrance from Akademicka street,

- people with disabilities: entrance A,

- main sector tickets: entry A,

- VIP and SKY BOX tickets: Premium entry,


Each zone has its own catering, medical and other facilities.



Please note that there are food and beverage outlets in the area where you can buy cool drinks, energy drinks, beer - 3.5% and various kinds of fast food. The zone is served by the Arena Gliwice’s own catering.

The gastronomic zone - grill will be located in the garage, which is located on the level of the mainboard.



In Gliwice Arena there will be a specially separated alcohol zone, where it is possible to buy spirits.



We introduce tokens to purchase gastro in the entire public zone and in the alcohol zone. 1 chip cost 5 PLN with the possibility of dividing into 2 x 2.5 PLN. One stripe of chips costs PLN 25 (5 items in the bar)

It’s not possible to return the chips and exchange them again for cash

The chips will be sold:

at restaurant points in the entrance hall A, B, C. At A and C entrance, the sale of tokens will be carried out in a half of the points with a reduced blind and prepared information boards.

In the VIP area, you can exchange cash for tokens. The minimum transaction amount is PLN 25 (five tokens).


- Beer is poured only into an eco-cup with a deposit of 10 PLN, that is 2 tokens

- The return of cups will take place in all points and in the cloakroom area

- After returning the cup, we refund 10 PLN.

- If you buy another beer, replace the dirty cup with a new mug. We do not pour beer into a dirty cup.




All smoking areas are located outside the arena. There is a total ban on smoking tobacco and electronic cigarettes in the arena.




The deposit (deposit lockers) is located next to the ticket offices. It is only available from the outside. Receipt of items is available only after leaving the Arena. The deposit is subject to security control of deposited items to the deposit. Cost: 20 PLN.

Regulations are on deposit.



Parking is paid in cash on site, but tickets can also be purchased electronically, LINK:


The car parks are serviced by the Arena Gliwice operator. The number of places are limited.



From the station in Gliwice as well as from the station in Katowice, communication will be available supported by GTV BUS

►KATOWICE - Main Railway Station Plac Andrzeja MPK ►GLIWICE - PKP railway station side entrance

KATOWICE: Buses will run between: 15.00, 16.30, 18.00, 19.30, 21.00. Return from 3:00 AM every hour and a half.

Last course at 07:30. PRICE: 10 PLN payable in cash on the bus.


GLIWICE: Buses will run between: 15:30, 16:00, 16:30, 17:00, 17:30, 18:00, 18:30, 19:00, 19:30, 20:00, 20: 30, 21:00 Return from 3:00 every half hour. Last course at 07:30. PRICE: 5 PLN payable in cash on the bus.



The fees are collected by GTV Party Bus.


Disabled people:

People with disabilities who are in a wheelchair can enter the Arena for free along with a guardian who must have an entrance ticket. The organizer provides assistance to places designed for the disabled.


Drugs and others:

We take into account the fact that some people must have insulin pumps and medicines with them during the event. Please inform us about this protection at the entrances. Any doubts about medicines will be consulted by the medical services.


The exact rules of the event can be found at


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